I wish I had a reality TV show so I could say something polite to someone’s face then say what I really feel in the cutaway. I’m confident it would remove a lot of the jackasses from my life.


Online gaming is just bloody awful isn’t it? I wasted a good hour in lobbies and menus and crashed loading screens to play five minutes of GTA Online.



7MB GIF. If you’re not seeing a play button, click through until you do. I appreciate the bounce rate.

I’m not ashamed of how long I spent getting this as right as it’s going to get. When I get my GoPro, maybe I’ll become a GIF artist. Am I saying that right: “GIF artist”?

I’m starting to see how people make cinemagraphs – there was still a tonne of stuff I could have done to make this better, but I’ve spent like two hours on this already and my attention span is waning.



Tabitha’s camera-face needs a little work.

🔗Smile for the camera

Sainsbury’s fake-sentimental Christmas advert proves to me that nothing is immune to being exploited to sell some fucking groceries.