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Content-Aware Phil

I made this joke on Twitter earlier but I think it’s going to be one of those things that I think is hilarious but no-one else does. As if not everything exists for my amusement.


Feast your eyes upon my Photoshop skills.

Hip-hop you might like

Hip-hop has a weird rep. People either seem to love it or absolutely hate it. Maybe you will love it (loads of videos after the jump)


Hits from the Pong

I wrote a blog post over on our highly corporate company blog which has two whole posts on it. It’s a post about how we record scores from ping pong games and what we do with the data. Scintillating stuff.

The only reason I mention it is there were two title options for it and I couldn’t not use this one for something.

Music reviews are bullshit

Music reviews exist only to show off how smart a music reviewer is. They’re not interested in you listening to something new. They don’t care if you enjoy something. They care that they get your attention and that you recognise how smart they are, and how niche and diverse their tastes are.

Music reviews are worthless. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Should I listen to this?

That’s it. No flowery adjectives or piquant observations. No clever bullshit. Just “is this worth my time, in your opinion?”

This has been irritating me for a while, so I’ve started a new Tumblr and a new Twitter. On these things, I will post a link to a song that I think is good on most days. Maybe you will listen to it. Maybe you will like it. Maybe you will find something new that you love. Maybe you will waste five minutes and find nothing. At least you won’t have had to put up with me trying to convince you what a great writer I am in the process. I hope you will start a similar Twitter account and share the music that you love. There’s so much of worth to experience.

Upsetting Sounds Tumblr
@upsettingsounds Twitter

Mario Kart Life Lessons

You cannot become adept at life. You learn to react to the challenges you face, but there are many things you can’t avoid. Sometimes you’re better-equipped to deal than others and most of the time that’s not because of something you did to prepare. Sometimes you finish up, sometimes you finish down and it’s likely that your actions had very little to do with either outcome.