Tabitha loves Christmas lights. When I get home from work, she wants to go and see the Christmas lights. Charlotte ordered her some lights to play with, and they’ve been quite popular.

🔗Tabitha turns on the Christmas lights


This little dog has so much love. Tabitha’s obsessed with her, too.

🔗Beto gets a sleepy cuddle from Ruby


Tabitha’s terrified of having her passport photo taken, for some reason, so I had to do it. Quite a specific fear. Couldn’t find batteries for my second flash to pull that shadow off her chin, but I think it’s still an OK photo.

🔗Tabitha’s Passport Photo


I love this illustration of Charlotte and I that Kayleigh did.

🔗Pen drawing of Charlotte and I


The door was broken on the train so I couldn’t wake this guy, but this is some of the most impressive commuter-sleeping I’ve ever seen.