Online gaming is just bloody awful isn’t it? I wasted a good hour in lobbies and menus and crashed loading screens to play five minutes of GTA Online.



7MB GIF. If you’re not seeing a play button, click through until you do. I appreciate the bounce rate.

I’m not ashamed of how long I spent getting this as right as it’s going to get. When I get my GoPro, maybe I’ll become a GIF artist. Am I saying that right: “GIF artist”?

I’m starting to see how people make cinemagraphs – there was still a tonne of stuff I could have done to make this better, but I’ve spent like two hours on this already and my attention span is waning.



Tabitha’s camera-face needs a little work.

🔗Smile for the camera

Sainsbury’s fake-sentimental Christmas advert proves to me that nothing is immune to being exploited to sell some fucking groceries.


These fake-sentimental Christmas ads are getting on my nerves. Giant companies pretending they’re your friend, and tugging at your heart strings to make you spend money is vile. The Boots one is particularly transparent, but John Lewis and Marks and Spencer are just as bad.